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Alexandra Janelli

President and Founder, WTFWifi

What Do ‘I’m Under Your Bed’, ‘Milford Stop Pooping on the Floor’, and Harry Potter References Have in Common? They’re All Features on the New

A Vibrant, Interactive Site That Finally Brings People Together in One Domain to Celebrate the Bizarre, Dirty and Funny Wifi Names

Chicago – February 3, 2011 –, the one-stop-shop for the funniest wifi names around, announced it will be unveiling its new website today. This blog, turned interactive media website, has been redesigned to provide the first interactive platform where users can uncover funny and unique wireless router names (SSID’s) from across the globe. Created by Black Swan Collective, the site will now allows users on any mobile device or computer system to submit a screenshot of their favorite wireless router names that can be directly added to the to community feed.

The dynamic site also boasts a host of exciting new features, including the ability to post real-time commentary and cast votes on individual wifi posts; a way to generate your own quirky names with the “random wifi name” generator, and a series of clever tutorials and helpful resources to start implementing social media best practices. What sets apart from other social media sites, like and similar pages, is the authenticity of the screenshots provided, which only come from everyday users – the same users who take part in the interactive discussions sparked by each new upload.

“The idea for the site came to me when we were in a bar on the Lower East Side back in early 2009,” said Alexandra Janelli, President and Founder of “We’re waiting for our beers and I looked down at my iPhone, only to see it’d ‘cordially’ invited me to join a wireless network called ‘Alcoholics Shut In.’ The irony, and later the inspiration, were not lost, and we’ve been growing ever since.”

From that day on it became the mission of WTFwifi has been to uncover the most exemplary shout out to the funniest, most bizarre, creative and quirky wifi names in the US, Canada and wherever else WTFWifi fans take their phones. As people continue to try to express themselves, and have the technology to make their personalities known, WTFWifi gives them the rare opportunity to be outrageous, passive-aggressive, clever, even sappy without having to compromise their identity. Learn more about WTFWifi and visit the new site by going to:

After being discovered by the Huffington Post in January of 2010, WTFwifi was actively sought out for interviews with the Daily News and ABC News whose articles were printed on January 31, 2010 and February 5, 2010, respectively. The original WTFwifi blog was dedicated to uncovering wireless network names for audience amusement, and the Creator Alexandra Janelli was notably mentioned as being “the city's premiere - and perhaps only - collector of quirky Wi-Fi names” by the NY Daily news. To learn more visit our website: