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WTFwifi, LLC has created the first social media forum that chronicles interesting WiFi names. This blog, turned interactive media website, has been designed to provide the first interactive platform where users can uncover, discover, and submit funny and unique wireless router names (SSID’s) from across the globe.

The dynamic site also boasts a host of exciting new features, including the ability to post real-time commentary and cast votes on individual wifi posts; a way to generate your own quirky names with the “random wifi name” generator, and a series of clever tutorials and helpful resources to start implementing social media best practices. What sets apart from other social media sites, like and similar pages, is the authenticity of the screenshots provided.

As people continue to try to express themselves, and have the technology to make their personalities known, WTFWifi gives them the rare opportunity to be outrageous, passive-aggressive, clever, even sappy without having to compromise their identity.


After being discovered by the Huffington Post in January of 2010, WTFwifi was actively sought out for interviews with the Daily News and ABC News whose articles were printed on January 31, 2010 and February 5, 2010, respectively. The original WTFwifi blog was dedicated to uncovering wireless network names for audience amusement, and the Creator Alexandra Janelli was notably mentioned as being “the city's premiere - and perhaps only - collector of quirky Wi-Fi names” by the NY Daily news.

On January 31, 2010 NY1 new channel featured the New York Daily News Article in their In The Papers section of their news hour. Noting Ms. Janelli as a tracker of WiFi names.

In August of 2011 Ms. Alexandra Janelli, the creator of, became published in David Meerman Scotts #1 bestseller The New Rules of Marketing & PR 3rd Edition. Mr. Scott states that has brought to the forefront a new form of mobile marketing which has the capabilities of reach users anywhere in the world through their mobile phones.

More recently, WTFwifi has conducted an in depth interview with The New Yorker Magazine who will be publishing a piece of how funny WiFi names as a new form of social media is charging to the forefront of viral websites. Furthermore, this article hopes to tap into the psychological and sociological aspects of the cryptic user base generating these nonconformist WiFi names.

Outside of these major publications, WTFwifi’s site and founder have been blogged about, re-blogged, twittered, and posted in hundreds of web forums that include Mac Rumors, The Money Times, Holy Taco, Oddee, Current, Web Ink Now, Brand Splat, Pats Papers, dosage, ibrading casting, Wow Delhi, China National News, New Media Marketing, and gigcoin.

Creator and President

In 2009, Miss Janelli left the Environmental Consulting Industry to start, a woman-owned social media start-up. Since, Miss Janelli has built social media and networking reputation in New York and the Bay Area. In tandem with working as a certified Hypnotherapist at Theta Spring Hypnosis, Miss Janelli is collaborating with startups in Chicago and San Francisco.

aWardriving / Warwalking

Per Wikipedia, Wardriving is the act of searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks by a person in a moving vehicle, using a portable computer or PDA.

Additionally, Warwalking (sometimes warjogging) is similar in nature to wardriving, except that it is done on foot rather than conducted from a moving vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About

What Makes WTFwifi Unique?

WTFwifi is a unique website that tapped into a form of social media that up until this point had been underground and undiscovered. What WTFwifi, unlike many other social media sites, offer is an authentic material. The screenshots that have been posted to the site are claimed to be unaltered screenshots of WiFi names found all over the world.

With computers and smart phones users are now able to see into a hidden world of WiFi names that are being broadcasted all around them. Its almost like this monocle into this hidden world. WTFwifi is providing a canvass to show peoples research into this hidden world of human expression.

Since we wanted everyone to be able to partake in the WTFwifi Party we incorporated a RSS feed of WiFi names for people who didn’t have an associated screenshot.

How are the WiFi Names Collected?

For the original website and blog the posts were collected nomadically. I call it ‘research,’ but apparently the technical term is Warwalking and Wardriving.  Wandering through the streets staring at my iPhone and grab screenshots for each great WiFi name I see. It’s a great way to explore a City, but its not flawless. Since my concentration is dedicated to my iPhone screen there have been many accidental trips and unfortunate happenstances with dog crap.

With our growing popularity, submissions are being directly submitted to the website for posting. We love the enthusiasm of our users in their submission. Although not all submissions make it to the site, we always aim to upload original and authentic screenshots.

What made you want to do this?

At first it started out as a hobby and I would test out seeing what it was like to be a blogger. Then it got publicity and I realized that I had come up with a unique idea, so I ran with it. Since then I have been working hard to create a unique community so people can understand and enjoy this unique form of social  media. The sociological and psychological reasoning of why people name their WiFi networks what they do is still a mystery to me, but it’s certainly fun to find them and share them with others.

What is most interesting about what you have learned while doing WTFwifi?

People want to express themselves, and within this age of technology where we can hide our faces behind computer screens and gadget we have the opportunity to be outrageous, passive aggressive, clever, absolutely disgusting, punny (funny puns) and witty without having to compromise our identity. People want to identify themselves with something, which was something that really came across when collecting WiFi names. A lot of them are associates with notable movie quotes or characters, animals, culture, and most of all sex. People are outrageous and clever, and its just amazing. And that couldn’t be more exemplified in my site.

What are some of the trends you have seen?

People love monkeys! The word monkey is used A LOT. Other WiFi names are associates with notable movie quotes or characters, animals, culture, super hero’s, sports teams, colleges, and sex. I suppose sex sells, and WiFi names associated with it have certainly been some of the more amusing ones.

Other trends that stand out are that funny WiFi names are more prevalent in areas with a younger population and in dense urban areas.

What Is the coolest thing you have noticed while doing this?

Its pretty wild to have a friend share a WiFi name with me and being able to place where that name is located. Its almost like there are WiFi landmarks all over the place!

What Are My Favorite Notable Names?

fat man on the 7th floor is a douche

Uncle Hooterville

Fart Dish

Stuck in the City

Want Cheap Gas Pull My Finger

Squirrel Power

I'm Under Your Bed

I Eat Children

Internet is for Porn


Cheese Has Protein

Cupcake Bomb Squad

Dirty Diapers for Lunch

Hug it out

I see you naked

Jesus Cant Play Rugby

Kitties on the lamb

What is Your Wifi Name?