About us

Here’s the Shake Down

The idea for WTFwifi was hatched at a bar on the Lower East Side back in early 2009 when my iPhone cordially invited me to join the wireless network ‘Alcoholics Shut In'. The irony was not lost. From that day on it became our mission to uncover the most exemplary shout out to the queerest, funniest, most bizarre, and quirky WiFi names in NYC!

We all want to express ourselves, and within this age of technology where we can hide our faces behind computer screens and gadget we have the opportunity to be outrageous, passive-aggressive, clever, poignant, sappy, absolutely disgusting, punny, and witty without having to compromise our identity. It’s awesome! So I say thank you wireless network users  all over the world for your excellent decision making skills, and thank you to my WTFwifi Detectives who are kind enough to share their findings on WTFwifi.com.

What sets WTFwifi.com apart from other social media sites is the authenticity of the screenshots provided by its users. WTFwifi reserves the right to post or not post any submitted screenshots and photographs submitted to the site. By no means is the ownership of the wireless network name accredited to the submitter. However, the submitter may choose to have their name acknowledged on the site for the discovery of the wifi name.

WTFwifi was created to honor the creativity of people around the world and to provide an outlet for our collective hidden talents. WTFwifi is a canvas to wirelessly connect people around the world and to find patterns in cryptic human expression. Because of the already confidential nature of wireless network names, WTFwifi will never request or reveal the creative mind who made the wireless name be identified, even if it is available. In addition, in our search for WiFi network names we have not and do not condone utilizing or joining open WiFi networks that are not yours.

Enjoyment of the site is at your own discretion. This site may contain mature and adult content.  The views expressed in the posted WiFi names do not express the personal views of WTFwifi or any persons associated with WTFwifi. We will do our darndest to keep all WiFi posts up to par with daily life, but in no way do we accept responsibility to be your baby sitters. What we post was submitted by users because YOU find them funny. It’s a wildly fun job to be us, but it’s not always easy.

Welcome to the world of outrageous anonymity! You find ‘em and we will post ‘em! Get the WiFi-itis and send in those screenshots!

And remember: naming your wireless network name is an “Excellent Decision Making Skill.”